AcoustiColor™ Wall Panel Installation

AcoustiColor™ Wall Panel Installation is easy! To install your AcoustiColor™ Panels you can either use an industrial strength spray adhesive or you can select the option to add pre-attached tape to the back of your panels. 

To begin the spray adhesive installation, lightly mark the wall where you intend to hang your panel. For the best results, apply the spray adhesive to your wall and your panel. Finally lower your AcoustiColor™ Panel slowly onto the wall surface maintaining the level position until your flat panel makes contact with the wall. 

The pre-attached tape installation method makes hanging your AcoustiColor™ Panels quicker and easier. You should still mark your wall before installation to ensure that your panel will hang in a level position. Then you simply remove the backing on the adhesive strips and place the panel slowly onto the wall. 

For additional Wall Panel Installation instructions continue reading below or feel free to call us, 866-553-4600, and one of our specialists will be able to assist you. 


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