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Solve your Sound Problems Today with Audimute Acoustic Panels

For over 20 years, Audimute Acoustic Panels has been working hard to solve every sound problem our customers face. Founded on the principles of quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious innovation, we’ve brought affordable sound solutions to our customer’s homes and industries nationwide including healthcare, construction, architecture and design, restaurants, houses of worship, music, manufacturing, education and more.

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So, why choose Audimute Acoustic Panels?

Our acoustic panels are designed to absorb loud ambient sounds, echo, and reverberation or bounce back within a space. When properly introduced into your room, our panels can soak up nearly 100% of mid to high range frequencies that cause these and other common noise issues. You’re left with a calmer sound experience and the opportunity to truly utilize your space, with softer speaking tones, understandable conversations, clearer song notes, and privacy you won’t get from just any wall décor.

Full Wall Mural Acoustic Panels

Our designers and specialists are always innovating new styles, and many of these creations unspool from custom sound solutions for customers like you. We’ve evolved over the years to offer a range of acoustic panels for walls in specialty and custom shapes, sizes, densities, fabrics, images, and colors to create options that can blend in or stand out in every décor. Even our acoustic panels for ceilings have evolved into cloud and baffle designs in new cuts and coatings. The days of traditional noise panels are over – the future of soundproofing is all about style and versatility!

They Look Great but are the Panels Eco Friendly?

Just because we’re full of stylish product options doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the environment. In fact, the opposite is true! We handcraft our acoustic panels in the USA from eco-friendly materials specially designed for sound performance in residential and commercial spaces. From our sound absorbing interior to our acoustical coatings, you can rest easy knowing our products are non-toxic and can even contribute to LEED points!

The question isn’t “do I need acoustic panels?” It’s “what have I been waiting for?” They’re more than a sound treatment – they’re custom wall art that shows off your style and creates a visually and audibly inviting atmosphere. Order today and you could receive your acoustic panels in as quickly as one week. We’re so confident you’ll love them, shipping is on us and we’ll include a money back guarantee!

With over 35 years of combined experience, our professional Acoustic Specialists are always available to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction to solve your sound problem with personalized advice. Begin by filling out a free room analysis form for commercial spaces or personal spaces and speak one-on-one with a member of our team within one business day – or shop now and create your acoustic panel treatment today!