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Learn how to install products and which products are best for your space with Audimute’s acoustic video gallery! From living space applications to house of worship soundproofing solutions, just wait and see how we helped transform these areas. 

Acoustical Panel Applications for Home Spaces

Acoustical Panel Applications for Commercial Spaces

Acoustical Panel Applications for Offices

Acoustic Panels in Everyday Spaces | Institutional Solutions


Sound Absorption VS. Acoustic Soundproofing

Designer Acoustics: Acoustic Panel Room Treatments

How to Block Out Noise

Ways to Deal with Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Open Floor Plan Office Acoustics

Tips for Better Sleep in a Noisy Environment

Noise Control in Open Home Floor Plans

5-Tips to Control Dog Barking Noise

Drum Booth Setup

Pink Noise Test of Acoustic Panel Performance

Time Lapse: Acoustic Wall Mural Installation

Life of a Custom Wall Panel