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A complete and fully functional Recreation Center design requires the assesment of possible acoustic issues.  The nature of Fitness Center design means that these spaces are inherently loud, with hard surfaces, blasting music, slamming weights, and thudding machines.

When looking for recreation center design ideas consider adding an acoustically absorptive material, such as Audimute’s Image Acoustic Panels! Our Image Acoustic Panels combine design with function. Browse through our standard image galleries or upload your own artwork or logo to be printed on high quality acoustic fabric. Find the right décor to fit your recreation center design.

Image Acoustic Panels work great in every space of your recreation center. You can easily fit them into your fitness center design.  If you have a meditation space or do yoga classes check out our Meditation Collection of image acoustic panels. Not only do the images in this collection promote peace and tranquility, so does the acoustic environment they help to create!

Include Acoustic Treatment into Your Recreation Center Design To:

  • Create a unique design or match your existing décor
  • Add design elements that have acoustic properties
  • Eliminate irritating or distracting noises
  • Create a positive acoustic environment
  • Ensure an Eco friendly environment
Recreation Center Design Panels

For more information on including acoustics into your fitness center design or your recreation center design call (866) 505-6883 to speak with one of our acoustic design specialists.