Community Center Conference Room Design | Meeting Room Design

Community Center Meeting Room Design

When considering your meeting room design or your conference room design for your community center it is important to include acoustic treatment. Issues with speech intelligibility are often recognized after the room is finished. Whether you are just starting your meeting room design or have completed your conference room and are experiencing issues with sound, Audimute can help!

Incorporating acoustics into your conference room design without challenging the existing décor is easy with Audimute’s Standard Image Acoustic Panels.  Choose from hundreds of high resolution images printed on acoustically transparent fabric.  You can also create your own custom acoustic panel to match your meeting room design. Simply upload your artwork or high resolution photographs and receive a gallery wrapped acoustic panel that is sure to enhance your conference room’s décor.

Meeting Room Design | Conference Room Design

  • Choose from hundreds of high resolution Standard Image Acoustic Panels
  • Custom gallery wrapped acoustic panels with your artwork, photographs, or logo
  • High quality sound absorption improves speech intelligibility in your meeting space
  • Fast & Easy installation
  • Fire Rated
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For more information on including acoustic treatment into your meeting room design or conference room design call (866) 505-8663 to speak with an acoustic design specialist.