Create a Sound of Your Own with Acoustic Wall Tile Treatments

We’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality acoustic wall tile that makes it easy to build your wall décor to your personal standard of design and sound success. Our AcoustiColor™ Acoustic Tile Panels do just that, with completely customizable colors, sizes, and thicknesses to suit every residential or commercial space.

With Audimute, the full range of Sherwin Williams paint options is at your finger tips. Choose a color that blends in naturally for distraction free acoustics in conference and waiting rooms, or something bright and vibrant that makes a visual and audible impact in restaurants and arenas. Installation is easy, with adhesive strip backings on each panel. Start small, and add more decorative acoustic wall tile colors and panels and hear the difference. With an NRC rating of .95, in properly treated areas our panels can absorb up to 100% of unwanted echo and high pitch frequencies.

The interior of Audimute’s Acoustic wall tile panels is made from our signature eco-C-tex™ blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This eco-friendly material is the greenest sound solution on today’s market, and the safest alternative to competing fiberglass fillers. Eco-C-tex™ is also Class A fire rated for safety in commercial settings.

AcoustiColor™ Acoustic Wall Tile Panels Are:

  • Custom coated from thousands of paint options
  • Eco-friendly, made from recycled materials
  • NRC rated .95 for excellent mid to high range frequency absorption
  • Class A Fire Rated – ASTM E-84
  • Easily installed with adhesive strip backings

Acoustic wall tile installations effectively reduce unwanted noise in homes, classrooms, theaters, restaurants and any other space that needs a strong sound solution with a decorative touch.  For commercial spaces such as gymnasiums, weight rooms, exhibition areas, and other high traffic areas in need of large wall applications, try our half-inch AcoustiColor™ Paneling with a NRC rating of .50. These thinner, denser industrial soundproofing panels hold up stronger against direct contact, and can be purchased in the same standard and custom sizes for full wall acoustic coverage.

Our Acoustic Specialists are here to answer any of your questions and offer personalized advice on your space, free of charge. Give us a call at (866) 553-4600, or fill our out free room analysis form and here from us within one business day. Don’t wait – order your acoustic wall tile treatments today!