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Art / Image Acoustic Panels

Printed with any image

Show off your style and hobbies with image art panels. Browse our galleries of popular images or upload your own personal photo, logo, or design for a personal touch.

Audimute Acoustic Panels

Standard fabric sound treatments

Audimute’s signature handcrafted acoustical wall treatments. Choose from 15 traditional fabrics, 7 designer textured fabrics, 12 HC fabrics, or a custom finish.

Acoustic Panel Kits

For common room sizes

Simplify acoustic treatment with an acoustic panel kit. Multi-panel kits are designed to attractively treat common room sizes.


Custom Acoustic Panels

Explore our custom options

Bring your space to life with your own personal touch! Anything you can imagine Audimute can make into a panel. Create unique acoustic décor with custom fabric, image, and size panels.

Free Room Analysis

Free diagnosis and advice

Not sure where to start when it comes to acoustic treatment in your home? Fill out our simple survey about your space and an acoustic specialist will be in touch within one business day to give you a free analysis.

Green Soundproofing

Audimute’s social responsibility

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a comprehensive rating system that rewards builders for using resources responsibly. Learn how points are earned and how Audimute’s materials and resources can contribute to a design score and overall indoor environmental quality.

What's the difference between Audimute Acoustic Panels and Audimute Acoustic Tiles?



Related Products / Accessories

Mounting Hardware

Designed for Audimute products

Quickly install acoustic wall panels with panel clips, security clips, or corner mounts specifically crafted for our panels.

Sample Packs + Rebates

Try before you buy!

Try before you buy. See a sample and learn about available rebates.

Decorative Frames

For a finished design look

Add another visual dimension to your acoustic panel or the artwork of your choice.


Alternative Products

Acoustic Tiles

Adhesive sound treatments

Your choice of precision cut straight or beveled edge acoustic tiles designed to match up with a near seamless result for any scale wall design.

View All Acoustic Panels

Panels, tiles, and custom options

View All that Audimute Acoustic Panels has to offer.