How Many Acoustic Panels Do I Need?

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked here at Audimute. The answer to this question requires some math, and our Acoustic Specialists are ready to help you figure out the perfect acoustic solution for your space.

Measure Your Wall for Proper Acoustic Coverage


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If you’d rather do the math yourself, we’ll break it down for you.




Find the wall surface area of your space.

     1.) Measure

           • Length 
           • Width 
           • Height 
     2.) Calculate the area of each wall 
           • Length x Height = Area of wall 1 
           • Width x Height = Area of wall 2 
           • Length x Height = Area of wall 3 
           • Width x Height = Area of wall 4 
     3.) Add the areas together to find your Total Surface Area 

Next, you’ll multiply the total surface area by the percentage of coverage you desire to improve the acoustics in your space. 






For standard acoustic noise reduction, we recommend covering 10-25% wall space. Although this is the standard, there are some situations in which a space may require a higher level of acoustic treatment.


  • Light Absorption - (5% - 25% coverage) For live recording or listening rooms, offices, conference rooms and rooms where people gather and converse.
  • Moderate Absorption - (25% - 50% coverage) Suits listening and control rooms that typically feature more subdued music, as well as larger business spaces. Moderate absorption of around 50 percent is a good estimate for many home theaters.
  • Heavy Absorption - (50% - 100% coverage) Suits drum rooms, music practice space, rooms that handle high-energy music. Vocal booths and recording isolation booths require the most absorption.


It is important to consider the contents of the space. Rooms with many hard surfaces will typically require more acoustic treatment, while rooms with soft carpeting or furniture will require less because these soft surfaces are absorbing some of the sound.


Select your coverage level and multiply the percentage by total square feet.


Total Square Feet x % Coverage = Total square feet of coverage you would need.


In a 400 sq. ft. room where we are seeking 25% coverage, our formula would look like:  400 x .25 = 100





You’ve finally reached the fun part: choosing the perfect acoustic products for your space. The possibilities are endless. Choose from our vast collection of high quality acoustic panels, tiles, and ceiling products.

Here is a handy table showing the number of square feet covered by our popular standard size acoustic panels:

Acoustic Panel SizeCoverage
1' x 2' 2 Square Feet
1' x 3' 3 Square Feet
2' x 2' 4 Square Feet
2' x 3' 6 Square Feet
2' x 4' 8 Square Feet
3' x 3' 9 Square Feet


The possibilities are endless. Here's a few acoustic panel layout ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 


 Acoustic Panel Layout Acoustic Panel Wall Layout


Acoustic products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics to ensure your acoustic solution can complement you space's decor. Shop acoustic panels to find the perfect addition for your space's walls.


Standard Acoustic Panels in Home Office Acoustic Panel Layout in Living Room


Want to create a sound solution that’s totally unique to your space? We have experienced designers ready to work with you to create your very own soundproofing solution. Creativity has no limit here at Audimute. That's why we offer products with custom images, sizes, shapes, finishing, and framing options. Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to one of our Acoustic Specialists - the experts at creating Sound Experiences Everywhere®.