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Not sure how to place your custom order? No problem! Have one of our acoustic specialists help you at 1-866-553-4600 or chat now. We are happy to provide you with custom fabric sample swatches from Guilford of Maine or CF Stinson!

Please note, custom items or personalized items made especially for you are non-returnable. Custom items and personalized items include acoustic products with custom images, special-order fabric, customer-specified fabric, custom-colored acoustic tiles, custom-designed products, and custom size panels or tiles.

Custom Fabric Panels

Choose your custom acoustic panel fabric from hundreds of options at Guilford of Maine - View Here or CF Stinson Custom - View Here. We recommend choosing only acoustic fabrics.

Fire-rated Dependent on selection
Hardware Included 2 panel clips per panel
  • Own Material
  • Guilford of Maine Custom
  • CF Stinson Custom

Add a decorative frame to your panel(s)?

Gallery Wrapped
Product Description

Custom Fabric Acoustic Panels

Free your space of unwanted noise and create a more peaceful environment with Audimute’s Custom fabric acoustic panels. With over 1,000 high quality fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You’re sure to be inspired to create a whole new design element in your space all while keeping acoustics in mind.


  • How does it work? Acoustic panels act as a giant sonic sponge, soaking up all of the unwanted noise and echo in your space creating an environment that will bring music to your ears.


  • Eco-friendly sound absorption. Eco-c-Tex® sound absorption material is the most important piece to the acoustic panel puzzle. Unlike flimsy traditional acoustic foam, eco-C-tex is made from 100% recycled materials, making it the greenest sound absorption material in the industry!


  • Over 1,000 fabrics. Choose from a variety of luxurious, high-quality acoustic fabrics from Guildford of Maine or CF Stinson to perfectly complement your space’s current décor or choose a fabric to inspire a complete room makeover. Designer’s tip: Cover a large area with a single fabric or mix and match styles for a unique design all your own.


  • Quality built. We want you to enjoy your acoustic panel for years to come. We reinforce the shape of your panel with a steel frame that surrounds the eco-c-tex® core. Your custom fabric is then perfectly wrapped around the panel for a sleek, finished look.


  • Made in the U.S.A. Each acoustic panel is proudly assembled, with care, by the hands of our talented production team right here in Cleveland, Ohio.


  • Easy Installation. Hanging up your new acoustic panels might be easier than anything you’ve ever hung before. Once you decide where to place your panels on the wall, screw the Z-clip into the wall, and hang it up. Voila! 


  • Looking for Bass Traps? Choose the 4” thickness selection in any 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, or 2’ x 4’ panel to create the perfect bass trap. Bass traps can be easily mounted using the Z-clips that are included with each panel.  For maximum effectiveness, opt for a corner mount. 
Specs & Installation
Exceptional sound absorption. Noise Reduction Coefficient of 1.0. View the sound lab report. 
eco-C-tex™ sound absorption material consists of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers - the majority of which are post-consumer recycled newspaper and requires an astounding 1/10th of the amount of energy to produce compared to traditional fiberglass. 
Safe for your health. - Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, no fiberglass. 
Class A Fire-Rated (ASTM E84 Class A) The materials used in our acoustic panels have received the highest rating possible under the ASTM E-84. The acoustic fabric finishes also receive a NFPA 260 Class I rating. Learn more.
We've designed our panel frames with two things in mind: stability and simple installation. The frame's back edge slips perfectly over the two included Z-clips that are packaged with each panel. View installation instructions here.  Check out bass trap corner mount installation instructions here. 
Want to create a sound solution that’s totally unique to your space? We have experienced designers ready to work with you to create your own soundproofing solution. The possibilities are endless with custom images, sizes, shapes, finishings, and framing options. Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to one of our Acoustic Specialists - the experts at creating Sound Experiences Everywhere®
Care Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“Office Acoustics” Review by Chris M.
Product Rating

We bought 3 panels for our office. We are in a 15 *20 space with 2 people and we were looking to reduce the echo, and deaden the sound while talking on the phone. The panels reduced the sound and eliminated the echo while looking great! We are considering some image panels.

(Posted on 4/26/2013)

“Completely Changed Sound Quality” Review by Anonymous
Product Rating

We added seven 2'x4' panels to our 15'x19'x9' conference room that has all hard surfaces. The room was very difficult to talk in from the echo, particularly for conference calls. We added the Audimute panels with the decorator fabric to 3 of the 4 walls in the room. Not only do they look nice on the walls, but they completely changed the sound quality of the room. It is now very comfortable to talk in there.

(Posted on 9/27/2012)

“Could not be happier!” Review by R. M.
Product Rating

The panels look great and everyone here could not be happier with the results. Please extend our gratitude to your team for the great work they did under our truncated timetable. We look forward to ordering with you again!

(Posted on 6/11/2012)

“Kitchen and Living Room Panels” Review by Donna N.
Product Rating

I have 16 panels on the kitchen ceiling and 4 on the living room wall. The sound quality has improved tremendously. We can play music or talk and understand the words. I like that the material is recycled and natural rather than fiberglass.

(Posted on 4/18/2012)

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