Tattoo Shop Art Acoustic Panels

Tatto Shop Art

Deciding on the right tattoo shop art is easy -- Show off your tattoo artist’s work! The question is, how do you want to display it? Tattoo Shop Art Acoustic Panels serve a dual purpose, absorbing the high-frequency, irritating sound of working needles, while also displaying a range of tattoo options for your customers. Upload your high resolution images of your best work to be printed on a Custom Fabric Acoustic Panel. 

Think of how you felt the last time you walked into a tattoo shop with printouts of their work on computer paper or random pictures hanging from the walls.  The presentation is unprofessional at best.  Audimute’s Custom Image Tattoo Shop Art Acoustic Panels display your high quality images or logo in a creative and truly unique fashion. 

Audimute’s Custom Tattoo Shop Art Panels

  • Upload your own artwork or logo to be printed on high quality acoustic panels
  • Sound absorption properties that lower sound pressure  and noise intensity
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fire rated
Tattoo Shop Art

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