Customer Reviews: Studio/Recording Space Acoustic Panels

"I order several Audimute panels for my studio and installed them myself. They are fantastic...light weight, attractive and do everything promised...made a narrow, tall echo chamber of a room into an attractive sound proof booth with a -55db sound floor. Plus the panels are "green" which is what brought me to the site in the first place. I'm thrilled. The customer service was pretty outstanding. Just the fact that the representative steered me away from ordering too many panels was a plus. And she was right, by the way. The extra two would have been over kill... I did consider a cheaper option but honestly, when I looked at what I was getting, I actually saved money in the long run. And thank you for the free shipping and the light weightiness of the panels. It's all great. Next time any of my pro friends are sound proofing and treating a studio, I'll plug you."
"The pro is that the panels worked as advertised. The application is for my drum room with a hardwood floor, a vacant room is what I have and want. The echo and reverb. made tuning of the drums difficult, I actually had to leave the room to do it. Playing and listening of the drums was not enjoyable. As a starter I purchased five of the two by four foot acoustical panels. I had my doubts but they did not disappoint! Next are bass traps and a few more panels. My TV room is the next project."
"No cons only pros. They look great, they sound great and instillation was very easy. In my opinion there is no safer (without fiberglass inhalation or poor fire rating), less damaging (to the walls) way to acoustically treat a room. And for the price it almost seems too good to be true. The room acoustics are very natural but control and detail are present. I saved a lot of money buying this treatment because I was going to replace my studio monitors, for lack of clarity. Now after the treatment I couldn't be happier with their detail and frequency response. It is true the single most important improvement anyone can do for their studio is the acoustic treatment. I love your product! ... I love the phone confirmation I received. It gave me confidence I chose the right company."