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Audio/Video Editing Suites: Pay Attention to Studio Acoustics

We've worked with several local audio and video editing production companies in Northeast Ohio over the years. Often, they come to us after they've built and designed their studios. In truth, it would have been easier, cheaper, and more effective to control their acoustics if they came to us before their studio build out. Still, with acoustic panels, fine-tuning studio acoustics can be done in an attractive way without a total rebuild. With appropriate coverage, panels placed at points of first deflection, and in area with acoustically problematic architectural features will literally transform the acoustics in your studio.

It is in the nature of professionals to hold exacting expectations and want near perfection. The audio engineers we work with have great ideas, a spectacular ear, and a good idea of what success will sound like. They tell us that after the addition of acoustic panels they notice a marked improvement in the quality of their recordings, in their abilities to hear the finest details picked up by their microphones, and in their sense of satisfaction in the final results of their work. 

We work with professionals in the audio and video recording, editing, and finishing fields on a regular basis. Take 2-3 minutes and fill out our free acoustic analysis form. An acoustic specialist will review your information and call you back within 1 business day to offer personalized advice. This advice is free and no commitment is required. Get started by clicking the image below.