Multi-Packs of Acoustic Wall Panels


A Great Value for a Hassle-Free Acoustic Treatment.

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Listen Closely: With Audimute’s Acoustic Wall Panels you’ll love what you hear.

Our Multi-Panel Kits of Acoustic Wall Panels are designed to take the guesswork and hassle out of achieving great acoustic sound quality in any space.  Acoustic Wall Panels in our Multi-Panel Kits have been selected to provide decorative acoustic treatment that complements any space, while also making acoustic treatment with wall panels affordable.

Audimute’s acoustic wall panels reveal purer sound by absorbing sound waves that cause echoes and reverberant noise. Adding acoustic wall panels to your space will optimize the acoustic environment and provide a high quality decorative look. 

Improve the acoustics in your space with Audimute Acoustic Wall Panels.

Our Acoustical Wall Panels are:

  • Green - Made with eco-C-tex absorption material, a blend of cotton and cellulose - the greenest alternative to traditional fiberglass and foam. By converting recycled paper into cellulose fibers used in eco-C-tex, the paper is kept out of landfills where it has the potential to pollute the environment. Because eco-C-tex material is completely recyclable, no scrap is produced during production of the product. The eco-C-tex manufacturing process uses 1/10 of the energy than fiberglass insulation, and 1/40 of the energy than foam insulation.

  • Effective - Highly effective NRC of 1.0 - Compare Us to our competition!

  • Safe - Meet your acoustic needs with a safe alternative to fiberglass. Audimute Panels do not contain fiberglass, a material that can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs. Audimute Acoustic Panels do not require a warning label like fiberglass products.

  • Handcrafted - High quality design and workmanship. Assembled by hand in the USA.

The perfect choice wherever sound needs to be improved and/or controlled. The applications are unlimited.

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