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Small Custom Size AcoustiColor® Tiles

Size Custom
Thickness .5", 1" or 1.5"
Number of Panels 1 (One)
Fire-rated ASTM E-84, Class A Rating
Hardware Included None
  • Amazing Gray Acoustic Tile
  • Black Acoustic Tile
  • Cobble Brown Acoustic Tile
  • Daisy Acoustic Tile
  • Extra White Acoustic Tile
  • Great Falls Acoustic Tile
  • Ice Cube Acoustic Tile
  • Jitterbug Jade Acoustic Tile
  • Organic Green Acoustic Tile
  • Redbud Acoustic Tile
  • Tango Acoustic Tile
  • Vigorous Violet Acoustic Tile
  • Custom Color

Add a decorative frame to your panel(s)?

For larger custom AcoustiColor® Tile sizes shop our Large Custom Size AcoustiColor® Tiles now. If you do not see the tile size you desire on our website give us a call, 866-553-4600, and one of our specialists will be able to assist you. 

Please note, custom items or personalized items made especially for you are non-returnable. Custom items and personalized items include acoustic products with custom images, special-order fabric, customer-specified fabric, custom-colored acoustic tiles, custom-designed products, and custom size panels or tiles.
Product Description

Your size, your color, your sound – with small custom size acoustic tiles in AcoustiColor®, you’re in control of your space.

Audimute’s small custom size sound dampening tiles can be custom cut to any size from 6” x 6” to 2.5’ x 2.5’ with accuracy up to the half inch to fit your space as needed. For standard sizes, such as 1 x 1', please see our Standard AcousticColor Tiles.Tiles adhere directly to walls with pre-affixed strip backings or even to ceilings with industrial glue, and even butt up next to each other for any size application or scalable design.

AcoustiColor tiles are available in the full range of Sherwin-Williams’ color selection. Choose a new color to pop in your décor, create a pattern of multiple colors and sizes, or even color match your current wall color for hidden acoustics. Audimute small wall absorbing panels– available in 1.5”, 1’, and .5’ thicknesses – are made with our signature sound absorption core material that is not only NRC rated for excellent mid to high range frequency sound absorption, but is also eco-friendly and Class A fire-rated for safety in commercial applications. From reception desks and lobbies to auditoriums and gymnasiums, custom size AcoustiColor small custom size acoustic tiles are making a sound impact and a style statement.

Small Custom Size Acoustic Tiles:

  • Class A fire rating- ASTM E-84
  • Excellent sound absorption - 1.5" thickness: NRC .95, 1" thickness: NRC .80 & .5" thickness: NRC .50 perfect for mid and high range frequencies
  • Custom Color Coatings - 1,000's of color options to choose from through Sherwin Williams’ line of acoustical coatings
  • Custom Sizing - from 6” x 6” to 2.5’ x 2.5’ with accuracy up to the half inch
  • Eco-Friendly – core material made from recycled cotton and cellulose fibers
  • Easy Installation – adhere to walls with adhesive strip backings or ceilings with industrial strength glue

AcoustiColor® Touch-Up Kit

Every AcoustiColor® product purchase includes an AcoustiColor Touch Up Kit, because bumps and dings happen. This all-in-one paint touch-up kit is specially formulated to provide long-lasting repairs to small nicks, scratches, and chips with a simple squeeze of the enclosed bottle. 


Specs & Installation

AcoustiColor™ Tiles

 Installation Instructions

 View our installation instructions page

Available sizes:
0.5” thickness: Various Sizes

1.0" thickness: Various Sizes

1.5” thickness: Various Sizes


Installation: Attach to walls using industrial strength adhesive or select the option to have pre-affixed adhesive strips to the back of each panel. 


Absorption Material - proprietary eco-C-tex:

 Acoustical Performance

     1.5" thickness: NRC .95  

     0.5" thickness: NRC .55

     1.0" thickness: NRC: .80

 Flammability – ASTM E84 Class A

 Material Composition – a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!)

 Health – Completely safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic

Sound lab Report

1.5" AcoustiColor™ Sound Lab Report

1.0" AcoustiColor™ Sound Lab Report

0.5" AcoustiColor™ Sound Lab Report

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