Noise Reduction with Acoustic Panels: Case Studies

The Goddard School Acoustic Panels for Hospital Office Noise Reduction

Multi-Purpose Room

The Goddard School

The Goddard School takes pride in ensuring that their students have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in-life. In an attempt to improve upon those experiences, the owners of The Goddard School in Twinsburg, OH, reached out to Audimute for help...


Victoria Webb Photography

Victoria Webb is a passionate photographer from Petaluma, California who has been capturing personal memories for over 20 years. She was recently tasked with a project for a hospital’s labor and delivery wing when she began to wonder if there would be any way to display her photos in an acoustically pleasing way for new babies and their mothers...

Open-Plan Office Space

Leavitt Group

Leavitt Group wanted to create a one-of-a-kind office environment for the employees of the Jones Building. They settled on the idea of a custom art mural stretched along one wall overlooking a couple dozen office cubicle work spaces. Though the space itself had been built with acoustics in mind, there were some residual acoustical issues...

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knotice images Paul Mitchell Vanguard School Room Analysis

Office Spaces

Knotice Offices

Digital marketing firm Knotice, one of Ohio's fastest growing tech companies, recently expanded their offline footprint by moving into a repurposed industrial building...To Knotice management and employees, the new space looked great and offered a lot of promise. The exposed brick, concrete, and steel, however, presented unplanned for acoustic challenges...

Teaching Space

Paul Mitchell Vanguard School

The main area the Paul Mitchell Salon School wanted to address was a large open room being used for instructional space, where the students practice technique on mannequins and receive feedback. This space is an open learning environment with a lot of hard surfaces that was described as very noisy and loud, making both instruction and conversation difficult...


Deagan's Kitchen & Bar

This award-winning gastropub came to us wanting to address the acoustics in a side room off the main dining area, used as added seating with the french doors propped open or, for private parties, with the french doors closed.  The high backed wood booths and hard wall surfaces of this long and narrow room caused sound to literally bounce off the walls...

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Office Noise Reduction Case Study Open Office Acoustic Treatment Restaurant and Stage Area Noise Control Case Study


Bumper Man, Inc. Office

"Upon arriving at my new office space, I was impressed with the décor... However, I was forewarned that the “echo” in the office was substantial. Every sound in the space reflected off of all these surfaces; and at times became very irritating—not to mention the lack of privacy as every word spoken could be heard throughout the office..."

Open-Plan Office Space

Classy Llama Studios

"We don't like cubicled environments, so our office has a very open layout. Most of the surfaces in the office are hard surfaces. We have hardwood ceilings and floors. So needless to say, sound control was a problem. Whispers could be heard across the office. We had to enforce "library mode" to keep distractions down..."

Restaurant and Stage

Quaker Steak and Lube

This Quaker Steak and Lube location is very unique in its size. It has a very large room with high ceilings. The restaurant owners had hoped to include many live entertainment events, everything from full bands to DJ's, but were running into a lot of problems with the sound. “Honestly was almost unbearable to be in that room”...  

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Church Noise Reduction Case Study Noise Reduction Case Study Coming Soon Audio Studio Noise Reduction Case Study


First Congregational Church of Naples

The First Congregational Church of Naples is a moderately new church founded in 2004 in Naples, FL. A recent social hall addition contained mostly hard surfaces, including sheetrock walls and ceiling, tile floors, and solid tables. As a result, “The noise level even with a small party was extremely unacceptable,” said Gary Baird, who contacted Audimute while searching for a solution...


Truline Industries

Truline Industries, located in Chesterland, Ohio, had a noise problem that was overtaking two of their main office spaces. The President of Truline, Stuart W., stated of their acoustic issues, “Truline’s main conference room separates two main offices and conversations would seep between these three rooms. Conference calls on speaker would especially overflow into my office”. Privacy was non-existent...

Audio Studio

Garage Creative

Garage Creative Studios, located in Brecksville, Ohio, is a creative services company that specializes in film-making, music recording and other artistic endeavors. Garage Creative needed a solution to treat an excessive noise transmission problem between their Audio Studio and their editing suite.... 

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Fellowship Hall Noise Reduction Case Study St. Martin de Porres High School Acoustic panels for performance space

Fellowship Hall

Peace and Lutheran Church Acoustic Treatment

Peace and Lutheran Church, located in Cold Spring, Minnesota, was looking for a Church Acoustic Treatment solution for their noisy fellowship hall. Cal Schmidt, Peace and Lutheran’s Pastor, commented on their pre-treatment situation, “We built a fellowship hall as an addition to our church. It had high ceilings with large flat surfaced walls. It was deafening when more than 10 people gathered for meetings or socializing...

School Gymnasium

St. Martin de Porres High School

The gymnasium of St. Martin De Porres High School (SMDP) in Cleveland, Ohio was about to undergo a facelift, and Audimute was brought in to design, manufacture, and install a large scale acoustic paneling solution meant to improve the school's ability to host various events using the space.  A ceiling height of over 26 feet coupled with many hard surfaces...

Performance Space

Case Western Reserve University

The Spot is a social venue for students at Case Wastern Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Music. They have a quality sound system and host live music on a regular basis. It was this area near the band that needed addressing. With such a lively venue, it can be difficult to hear your band mates and thus, perform at the optimum level...

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