Music Room Decor That Fits Your Music Practice Room Design

Music Practice Room Design

When considering your music practice room design there are several factors that come into play.  Optimizing how the room sounds should be a huge consideration for music practice room design. Understanding your space and the proper placement of acoustic treatment is crucial for creating a properly functioning practice space.

Deciding on how to incorporate acoustic treatment into your existing music room décor is easy with Audimute’s Music Room Décor Image Panels.  Panels are constructed with high resolution images of your favorite instruments (or any other image!) printed on acoustic fabric.  If you don’t find the right images for your space you can upload your own artwork or high resolution photographs to create your own Custom Music Room Décor.

Music Practice Room Design | Music Room Décor

  • The types of music played in your practice space dictate the amount of acoustic treatment you need to include in your music practice room design.
  • Large rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces will need to add sound absorption products to reduce echo, reverberation, and noise intensity.
  • Audimute offers standard and custom options to match your music room décor.
  • For non-invasive acoustic treatment check out Acousticolor™ eco-C-tex panels.  They can be color matched to your existing décor.
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