Reshape Your Space with Modular Wall Tiles

Think outside the box and add some shape to your space with modular wall tiles. Our 3D modular tiles take your design to the next level and allow you to create a truly unique look and sound all your own.

Modular Wall Tiles

SoniShapes™ 3D Modular Tiles:

  • Custom cut and coated
  • Peak sound absorption: .95 NRC rated for 1.5" thickness, .80 NRC rated for 1" thickness, .55 NRC rated for .5" thickness
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Class A fire rated – ASTM E84
  • Easy installation with adhesive strips


Modular Wall Tiles

SoniShapes acoustical tiles our tileable geometric and creative kids design lines are the perfect sound solution in spaces where aesthetics are as important as acoustics. From the classroom to the office, Audimute SoniShapes reduce noise while creating a visually stimulating atmosphere.

SoniShapes geometric line of wall décor shapes features chevron, Moroccan, polygon, and wave tiles, while our kid’s wall art shapes line features butterfly, cloud, flower, and leaf cut outs. Your modular wall tiles are completely customizable to match your spaces function and design. Coat your shapes in one of our standard color choices or personalize your décor by choosing from the full range of Sherwin Williams paint color options. Mix and match colors, sizes, and thicknesses for a design of 3D modular tiles like no one has ever seen before!

Audimute products are handmade in the USA from our signature eco-C-tex® blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This eco-friendly material is the greenest sound absorption product on today’s market, and the safest alternative to traditional fiberglass. Our 1.5" modular wall tiles also carry a .95 NRC rating for peak absorption of echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies. Each panel backing is pre-affixed with adhesive strips for easy installation without tacky glue clean up.


Audimute’s AcoustiColor® products are Class A fire rated for safety in commercial spaces. Use them in restaurants and bars to absorb kitchen noise and enhance conversation sound levels in daycares for more intelligible instructions and quieter nap time.

Whether you choose a small flush design or a creative large scale pattern, flexible design acoustics make it fun and easy to add a little design and acoustic treatment to your life. Pop some unexpected color in your bathroom or kitchen, or set the tone in your conference space – modular wall tiles make a statement anywhere you put them!

Recreate your space and order your 3D modular tiles today, or call an Acoustic Specialist at (866) 553-4600 for personalized advice about your space, no strings attached!