Modern Wall Decor by Audimute

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Add Modern Wall Décor to your space with Audimute’s Dimensional 4 Panel Kits. These kits can be configured to fit your wall space and interior décor. Our Dimensional Wall Panels connect to one another to create a modern focal point for your environment. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these Dimensional Panel Kits are also excellent for absorbing low, mid and high range frequencies. 

Audimute offers two Dimensional 4 Panel Kits, the Mod Kit and the Flex Kit. Both kits have one 2’ x 4’ Anchor Panel and two 1’ x 2’ Satellite Panels. The difference between our kits is that the Mod Kit has a 2’ x 3’ panel and the Flex Kit has a 2’ x 2’ panel that offers more configuration capabilities. 

Unique Wall Decor Two Unique Kits 


To enhance your Modern Wall Décor creation, connect several kits to one another. The Mod kit and Flex kit are designed to easily connect together to create one large statement piece.

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A special Connector Panel can be used to connect two of the same kits. A Mod Kit can connect to another Mod Kit using the Mod Connector Panel

Unique wall decor mod kit to another mod kit  

To connect a Flex Kit to another Flex Kit use the Flex Connector Panel. When combined, kits can be hung in a variety of different arrangements and either a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on your space. 

unique wall decor two flex kits 

 The kits can be fabric wrapped in one of our many stylish fabrics. Your kit can either be monochromatic and wrapped entirely in one of our Standard, Designer or Custom fabrics. For a bolder décor statement, our Triad Color Kits come in one of the sixteen pre-selected color schemes displayed on the product page.



Shop all of our Dimensional 4 Panel Kits now! If you have questions about our Dimensional 4 Panel Kits or need assistance placing your order, feel free to give us a call (866-553-4600) and one of our specialists will be able to assist you.