Wondering How to Improve Acoustics?

Turn to Audimute to Improve Acoustics in any Space

So many factors come into play when attempting to improve acoustics: The size of the room, the room’s furnishings, the layout of the room, the purpose of the room, and the source of the sound itself are a few issues you must consider when trying to improve acoustics. Audimute’s acoustic sound control products can help you improve the acoustics in any environment.

Audimute acoustical products provide acoustic sound control by absorbing the sound waves that cause echoes and reverberation. You’ll no longer be wondering how to improve acoustics in your room when you see the range of options we offer. Besides being effective and affordable, many Audimute acoustic sound control products are made of natural and recycled materials, therefore are a sound choice for you and the environment.

Let Audimute’s highly trained staff help you determine which of our products are best for your acoustic sound control project. Call us toll free today at 866-505-MUTE (6883) to learn how to improve acoustics wherever optimized sound is required.

acoustic panel anatomy Glossary Sound About

Anatomy of an Acoustic Panel

Learn how an acoustical panel works--and why ours is so innovative.

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Acoustics Glossary

A selection of the most commonly used acoustic terms, with easy to understand definitions.

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About Sound

In order to understand acoustic treatment, you first need to understand sound. We simplify sound here.

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fire rated
 eco-c-tex  Explore Case Studies

Fire Rated Vs Non-Fire Rated

What does it mean when an acoustic treatment is "Fire-Rated"? Do you need fire-rated material for your application?

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Eco-C-tex Vs Foam & Fiberglass

Our unique eco-C-tex acoustical material is the most eco-friendly on the market today. Why should you care? Find out here.

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Case Studies

Our Case Studies explore some of our most creative large scale acoustic solutions.  Be prepared to get inspired!

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installation instructions
 videos  reviews

Installation Instructions

Installation of our Acoustic Panels is as easy as hanging a picture! We show you how with a simple instructive graphic--click View More.

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Video Gallery

Our video gallery offers an introduction to acoustic treatment, answers to common questions, ideas for acoustic design, and much more.

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Audimute Reviews

We let our satisfied customers speak for themselves. See what customers have to say about our products and service.

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