Home Gym Decor Acoustic Panels

Home Gym Decor

Whether your home gym is an entire basement or just a small area in your home office, finding the right home gym décor is easy. Audimute offers standard and custom image acoustic panels that can not only serve an aesthetic purpose but can function acoustically to improve the sound of your workout space.

The aerobics equipment, music, or machinery associated with a home workout space all create irritating sound confusion.  This sound bounces off of hard surfaces commonly found in home gym décor, building sound intensity within the space. This can make working out uncomfortable or could possibly bother others in your home. Keep this in mind as your choosing your home gym décor.

Audimute’s Acoustics Image Panels: A Solution for Home Gym Décor

  • Feature vivd, high quality images
  • Blend in or enhance existing decor
  • Use only Eco-friendly materials
  • Absorb sounds, creating a positive workout environment
Home Gym Decor Acoustic Panels

For more information on Audimute's Image Panel Home Gym Decor call (866) 505-6883 to speak with one of our acoustic design specialists.