3 Tips For Hiding Acoustics In Plain Sight | Hidden Acoustic Materials

All too often the need for acoustic materials or treatments isn't apparent until the space is decorated. Now you’re on the hunt for a sound solution that can easily retrofit onto ceilings or walls with limited visual interruption. Simplify your search with these three tips to hiding acoustics in plain sight.

Tip 1: Hide Acoustics in Your Art

Acoustic treatments don’t have to clash with your existing theme or design. There are several options that can easily be made to complement your space, like image acoustic panels. You can choose from several standard image panel options, or even upload your own art work or photos to create acoustic treatments that fit your space and style. The finished treatment blends in like a canvas print or picture frame, while hiding sound absorption material for clearer room acoustics.  

Tip 2: Match Your Acoustics to Any Paint Color

Sometimes hiding acoustics in plain sight is as simple as color matching your acoustic treatment to your walls and ceilings. AcoustiColor™ Tiles can be color matched to any Sherwin Williams color code making it easy to find the right color for your space. These acoustic tiles come in a range sizes and densities to add a visual effect to your wall or blend in naturally to your ceiling when wall space is limited.  

Tip 3:  Take Advantage of Custom Acoustic Treatment

The days of settling for standard egg crate foam or irritating fiberglass fillers are over. With custom options from coating and color to shape and size, we challenge you to think outside of the box and create a sound solution personalized to your décor. From SoniShape™ wall displays to custom branded logos, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do with Audimute’s signature eco-C-tex™ sound absorption material.  For more information about hiding acoustics in your space call an Audimute Acoustic Specialist at 866-553-4600 for personalized sound advice and design options!