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Patients' rights are of critical importance in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctor offices, dental offices, and health clinics. Of course, privacy is the big issue, but it's no less important to have the ability to share clear and confidential instructions or information without disruption. Many healthcare facilities have found acoustic panels to offer an ideal decorative and functional solution. Panels can communicate information or help create mood, depending on the design needs and requirements of the space where they are to be installed. At the same time, unlike other decorative or printed solutions, acoustic panels reduce echo, reverberation, and unwanted noise passing through from hallways or examination rooms. They improve acoustical clarity, meaning one doesn't need to speak as loud to be heard.

Audimute has helped many healthcare facilities enhance the level of service and care they provide to patients by helping to solve acoustical issues that were underlying causes of service problems. If your healthcare facility would like to solve an acoustics problem, allow us to be your partner. Submit a room analysis form, call, or chat with us and our acoustic specialists will help you identify the critical areas to treat, appropriate amounts of absorption to install based on your needs, and work with you to establish a time frame and plan for implementing your acoustical solution.