Image Acoustic Panels for Your Game Room Design

Game Room Design

When deciding on your game room design it is important to think about the acoustic environment. Consider the amount of people who will use this space. The more people you have in an area the louder it can get. Sound intensity builds up and you can quickly find yourself feeling uncomfortable.  So how do you include acoustic treatment into your game room design?  It’s easy! Adding acoustic panels to your game room design can help absorb excess sound waves, reducing sound intensity.

Audimute offers a variety of standard image acoustic panels to match your game room design. If you don’t see something that fits your existing décor, upload your own artwork or photos to be printed on our high quality acoustic fabric.

Adding Acoustic Panels to Your Game Room Design

  • Enhance your space's décor with several standard and custom images
  • Reduce sound intensity, echo, and reverberation
  • Fast & Easy installation
  • Eco friendly
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Image Acoustic Panels can be beneficial in any room of the house!  They are perfect for any space including your home office or your family room.  Browse our standard image galleries to find the right panel that matches your existing décor.  For more information on our standard and custom acoustic panels call one of our acoustic specialists at (866) 505-6883 for free personalized advice.