Wrapped in Luxury: Fabric Wrapped Panels by Audimute

When it comes to interior design, what you see reigns over what you hear. Often, this means sacrificing acoustics to avoid bulky or intrusive sound treatments. But even the most beautiful rooms are hard to handle if excess noise builds up and bombards your ears. Audimute is changing the face of sound solutions and disguising them as beautiful fabric wrapped panels and wall décor – making acoustic treatments something you want as much as your space needs.

Hard furniture and open wall spaces are playgrounds for sound waves – sound makes contact and is free to bounce from surface to surface and build up in corners. The best way to counteract this and stop noise from traveling and echoing is introducing soft materials like fabric wrapped panels into the room. Fabric sound panels are made from soft interior and exterior materials that soak up sound waves upon contact and trap them before they bounce around the room and clutter the acoustics. What’s left is a clean and clear conversation and comfortable sound pressure.

Materials used in competing fabric wrapped panels and similar acoustic art panels have different absorption abilities ranked from NRC testing. For instance, our core material has an NRC rating of .95, meaning our panels soak up 95% of the noise that hits them. This impressive rating is due to our signature eco-C-tex™ interior blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers – the greenest sound absorber on today’s market and safest alternative to competitor’s fiberglass fillers. Our soft eco-friendly material can dampen echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies by as much as 100% in properly treated spaces. And with a Class A fire rating Audimute panels are safety rated for commercial space applications.

We carry four lines of fabric wrapped panels bringing out different details and designs, including custom covers. Our traditional and designer fabrics show case every type of home and office style, while HC panels are wrapped in thick, bleach cleanable fabrics ideal for hospitals and childcares. If you have a dream fabric in mind for your wall décor, our Acoustic Specialists are happy to help place a custom order.

Panel installation is easy. Similar to our sound panels for studios, each of our fabric wrapped panels is equipped with a bracket making installation as easy as hanging a picture. We typically recommend treating 20-25% of your open wall space to begin, and building up your design from there until you reach your desired acoustics. Hang panels at the first point of sound contact, such as in front of speakers or across from tables. From there, mix and match your fabrics and styles for a completely custom finish! Audimute acoustic image panels in custom and gallery art prints make for the perfect accent pieces among fabric wrapped panels or on their own. With a canvas print finish, art panels blend into your décor as quietly as fabric panels.

Fabric Wrapped Panels offer:

  • Eco-friendly, safe design
  • Traditional, designer, HC, and custom acoustical fabric coatings
  • NRC rating of .95 for sound absorption
  • Easy installation
  • Hand wrapped in the USA construction

Fabric wrapped panels add a touch of style and silence to every space. From adding some comfort to your home with a mix of traditional fabrics and custom images to impressing clients with a designer conference room, acoustic panels are the perfect conversation starter – and at this price, why not order yours today! Our Acoustic Specialists are here to answer your questions and provide personalized advice on your space, give us a call at (866) 553-4600 or fill out our free room analysis form and hear from us within one business day!