Dress Up Your Space with Fabric Wall Panels from Audimute

You’ve seen them around movie theatres, hospitals, and auditoriums, but have you ever imagined the full possibilities of fabric wall panels? Decorative fabric wall panels are the easiest way to disguise acoustic treatments into any space – and now with frameless options, Audimute’s opened up a new world of application and décor opportunities for every commercial and residential space.

Our acoustic fabric wall tiles make it easy to incorporate large scale treatments into every space with a designer finish that blends in as beautiful wall art. By taking out the metal hardware, panel edges easily butt up next to each other almost seamlessly. And with straight and beveled edge options, there’s no limit to the unique patterns you can create. Build your own DIY design to the perfect size for your space, or simply place individual fabric wall panels to blend in throughout the room! The interior material of our frameless panels is precision cut and tightly wrapped in your choice of fabric for a strong border that hold its shape alone or as part of a larger application.

We carry a range of options to meet the needs of every space décor and function, including traditional and designer acoustical fabrics for the home or office, well as thicker HC bleach cleanable fabrics ideal for hospitals and childcares. With the help of an Acoustic Specialists, custom coatings are also available giving you the chance to wrap your panels in virtually any fabric of your choice! Whether you choose to mix and match fabrics and colors or create a full acoustical wall in a single design, the professional finish will impress guests and leave a lasting impression!

The hidden acoustic core of our decorative fabric wall panels is crafted from the same signature eco-C-tex™ material found in our standard panels. This eco-friendly blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers is not only the greenest sound absorber on today’s market but also the safest alternative to competitor’s fiberglass fillers. Because of this material, our fabric wall panels carry an NRC rating of .95 for echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequency absorption, as well as Class A fire ratings for safety in commercial space. And because of their lightweight design, we offer pre-affixed adhesive strip backings for quick installation flush to the wall for added safety in high traffic spaces

Frameless Fabric Wall Panels offer:

  • Traditional, designer, HC, and custom acoustical fabric wrappings
  • Beveled and straight edges
  • Eco-friendly, safe design
  • NRC rating of .95 for sound absorption
  • Easy installation
  • USA hand wrapped construction

We typically recommend starting by treating 20-25% of your open wall space with fabric wall panels in order to experience true acoustic changes. This gives you the chance to hear the difference and continue to build up your design to your desired acoustic sound. For best results, begin by hanging panels at the first point of sound contact such as in front of speakers or across from tables. From there, it’s all about creating the decorative DIY interior design of your dreams.

Make an audible and visual upgrade in your space – order your decorative fabric wall panels today! Our Acoustic Specialists are here to answer your questions and provide personalized advice on your space, give us a call at (866) 553-4600 or fill out our free room analysis form and hear from us within one business day!