Daycare Room Ideas | Daycare Wall Murals

If you’re looking for daycare room ideas why not create your own acoustically absorptive daycare wall murals! Audimute’s AcoustiColor™ Custom Shapes provide stimulating design with acoustic absorption performance.  Our AcoustiColor™ Custom Cut Shapes absorb sound waves lowering the sound pressure in your daycare as well as reducing the noise intensity created by a room full of playing kids. 

Creating a fun and stimulating daycare environment is important for children.  How you decorate your space plays a large role in creating a positive environment for children and staff.  AcoustColor™ SoniShapes™ can be used to create fun, dynamic, and acosutically effective designs suitable for any childcare environment.

Looking for a specific color scheme for your daycare wall murals? Audimute will color match our AcoustiColor™ Custom Shapes to your specification.  AcoustiColor™ Shapes are made to order with non-toxic eco-friendly fire rated materials.

Audimute’s Daycare Room Ideas | Daycare Wall Murals

  • Color matched to fit your existing décor
  • Acoustic Absorption properties that lower sound pressure and noise intensity
  • Made to order
  • Non toxic eco-friendly materials
Daycare Wall Decorations

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