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ModCoustics® Dimensional 4 Panel Mod Kit - Custom Fabric

SKU K2-INT-001-E
Number of Panels 4 (Four)
Sizes Included (1) 2' x 4' (1) 2' x 3' (2) 1' x 2'
Fire-rated ASTM E-84, Class A Rating
Hardware Included Industrial Strength Fastener
  • CF Stinson Custom
  • Guilford of Maine Custom
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Add a decorative frame to your panel(s)?

Not sure how to place your custom order? No problem! Have one of our acoustic specialists help you at 1-866-553-4300 or chat now. We are happy to provide you with custom fabric sample swatches from Guilford of Maine or CF Stinson!
Product Description

Contemporary Custom Fabric Dimensional Panels 

Audimute’s Custom Fabric Modcoustics Contemporary Wall Panels can be fabric wrapped in the custom cover material of your choosing. Our Dimensional 4 Panel Mod Kit can be configured in various ways to create an acoustic design unique to your room! Audimute's mod panel kits come with four panels: (1)2’X4’, (1) 2’X3’ and (2) 1’x2’.

Each panel is wrapped in the same acoustical fabric covering from either CF Stinson or Guilford of Maine, the choice is yours! You can select from any of the 1000 acoustical fabric options available on either site for a completely custom décor statement.

Note: One Custom Fabric  Per Kit



To install your custom color Contemporary Wall Panels, simply press each panel against the wall and lock the panel into place with the pre-attached industrial strength fasteners. The layout is up to you but we recommend planning out your design prior to beginning the installation process. If you would like to connect multiple kits together, you can. Connect two mod kits together with the Mod Connector piece. Any mod kit can connect to a flex kit without a connector piece, the two will organically fit together. Our Contemporary wall panels’ unique design allows them to absorb low, mid and high range frequencies. This kit includes panels that are both 2 inches thick and 4 inches thick. The 2” thick panels absorb the mid and high range frequencies while the 4” panels absorb the low frequency sounds.

Our Contemporary Wall Panels are not only excellent sound absorbers but they are also an environmentally friendly decision. Each panel is made from our eco-C-tex®  product which is a green alternative to traditional fiber glass insulation.

For assistance placing your Dimensional 4 Panel Mod Kit order give us a call, (866) 553-4600, and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you. Read our Dimensional 4 Panel Kit Guide here for more information about all of our kits. 

Audimute’s Dimensional 4 Panel Mod Kit Offers:

  • The choice of more than 1000 acoustical fabric coverings available in solid, patterned or textured fabrics
  • Custom panel configuration capabilities
  • Easy installation- no drilling required, each panel has a pre-attached industrial strength fastener
  • Excellent sound absorption for low, mid and high range frequencies
  • Environmentally friendly sound solution made primarily from post-consumer recycled newspaper and is the greenest alternative to traditional fiber glass, requiring 1/10 of the energy to produce
  • Class A fire rated (ASTM E-84) Made in the USA materials
Specs & Installation

Standard Acoustical Panels:

 Installation Instructions

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Available colors/patterns: Hundreds of Guilford of Maine and CF Stinson acoustical fabrics.

Mounting/Installation: Industrial strength fastener pre-attached to the back of each panel 

Care Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents. Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup. 

Cover Materials / Fabric:

 Acoustical Performance - NRC 1.0

 Flammability – ASTM E84 Class A

 Material Composition – 100% recycled polyester - a blend of post-consumer recycled polyester (73%-100%) and pre-consumer recycled polyester (0%-23%) 

Absorption Material - proprietary eco-C-tex:

 Acoustical Performance - NRC .95

 Flammability – ASTM E84 Class A

 Material Composition – a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers (the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper!)

 Health – Completely safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic


Industrial Strength Fastener: Attached to the back of each panel

Sound lab Report

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