Classroom Acoustics: Let the Teaching Begin

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Classroom acoustics? The ideal classroom acoustics environment isn't one that sounds loud. Lectures, class presentions, group work, practicums, experiments, exploratory time...learning is best achieved without the distractions of a loud classroom. Teachers and administrators know just how disruptive a loud classroom can be to the learning environment, and guess what, students know (and suffer) too. Distracting noise and poor acoustics is directly related to poor acoustics lower test scores and poor productivity. 

Recently, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) introduced a standard for acoustical design of schools, S12.60-2002 ““Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools”. This new performance criterion is in effect and includes several requirements for noise isolation in schools. With the new standard in effect classroom noise has become more important than ever to school designers. The implementation of noise control design is more important than ever.   

Sound Absorption: Solving Classroom Acoustics Problems

In most classroom acoustics treatments, the critical component is solving the problem of echo and reverberation of mid- and high frequencies (typical of voice ranges). So, sound absorption with acoustic panels provide an effective acoustics solution. Audimute's panels are eco-friendly, health safe, and easy to install. Fill out our room analysis form and an acoustic specialist will call you back with ideas on how to create a great classroom acoustics environment.