Paint it Black – Audimute Black Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Gone are the days of traditional white ceilings. Today’s interior design trend is painted ceilings, specifically black. While dark wall colors tend to visually shorten a room, dark trims and ceilings add a touch of elegance that reduces reflected light for a softer room atmosphere. And now, you can take it a step further and make your design work for you– with black acoustic ceiling tiles, you can improve the sound quality in your space while adding a modern décor touch!

From a sound standpoint, ceilings are simply large, uninterrupted, hard spaces. The acoustic differences come from design variations, such as vaulted versus flat ceilings. While aesthetically appealing, high vaulted ceilings tend to force sound towards the middle of the room, where as sound hitting a flat ceiling bounces straight back at the same speed. This is a low vault ceiling designed side to side across seating as opposed to front to back is most common in gathering spaces such as worship centers; This design causes sounds from the front of the room to travel up the ceiling, reach the peak, and head towards back seating.

Acoustic 4x4 and 2x2 black acoustic ceiling tiles like those installed on walls can be hung from above to block sound from storing up in ceiling pockets causing echo and reverberation. These acoustic ceiling panels are broken up into two categories: baffles and clouds. We design both style panels out of our signature eco-C-tex™ material blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers that is acoustically coated by hand in an attractive even finish. Every Audimute ceiling tile is NRC rated for echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequency absorption, as well as Class A fire rated for safety in commercial applications.

Black Acoustic Ceiling Tiles from Audimute Feature:

  • High quality, USA hand crafted construction
  • Evenly toned, elegant black acoustical coating
  • Class A commercial fire ratings
  • Pre-installed eye-hooks for quick installation
  • Environmentally friendly materials

While the design of these black acoustic ceiling tiles is identical, they are equipped with different installation methods useful for different room shapes. Acoustical clouds are suspended parallel to the by four pre-affixed eye hooks to cover the most space with each tile, perfect for squared off rooms. Noise baffles, most commonly cut to 2x2 square foot sizes, are suspended perpendicular to the floor by two pre-affixed eye hooks, ideal for long rectangular shaped rooms.

Shake up your interior design and improve your sound quality by ordering your new black acoustic ceiling tiles today! Whether you choose large clouds or a design of 2x2 black baffles, you’ll see and hear the difference in no time. Our Acoustic Specialists are here to answer your questions and provide personalized advice on your space, give us a call at (866) 553-4600 or fill out our free room analysis form and hear from us within one business day!