Corner Mount Installation Installations

Installing corner mount panels is easy with Audimute’s Corner Wall Mounts. Bass traps ( or 4” thick acoustic panels) are typically installed in the corners of rooms because that is where bass (or low range) frequencies tend to collect.  Our Corner Mount makes 4" Panel / Bass Trap Installation simple with minimal damage to your walls. 

To begin your installation, just place the corner mount in the wall and make sure that the mount is level. Then place the screw into the mount going straight into the wall (not at an angle) and use a screw driver to tighten. Once the mount is in place, slide the edge of the 4" panel (or bass trap) over the pre-attached clip (on the mount) until your panel is firmly in place.

For more Corner Mount Installation instructions continue reading below or give us a call, 866-553-4600, and one of our specialists will assist you. 

bass trap installation