Acoustical Fabric Panels | Standard, Designer, HC & Custom Fabric

At Audimute, we hand wrap our Standard, Designer, and HC Acoustical Fabric Panels using Guilford of Maine’s line of acoustical fabrics optimized for acoustic performance. So what makes each fabric different? The major difference is in the fabrics finished textures: Standard fabrics give your panel a smooth, sleek, and modern finish, while designer fabrics have a raised textural element for an elegant, decorative appeal. HC, or Health Care fabrics, have a similar textural finish, but a thicker weaving that can be wiped down with bleach or other cleaning agents for sanitation needs in hospitals and other high traffic spaces.

Learn more about our acoustical fabric panels and view our categories below. Looking for additional fabric options, or have one of your own in mind? Check out Guilford of Maine and CF Stinson for more acoustical fabric choices, or call an Audimute Acoustic Specialists at 866-553-4600 to discuss custom fabric wrappings!