If These Walls Could Talk… Room in a Room® Acoustic Privacy Panels for a More Private Atmosphere

In our loud, fast paced world, sometimes all you need is some peace. Our Room in a Room® Acoustic privacy panels soak up unwanted noise for a more focused sound atmosphere and less sound travel between rooms.

These panels are the perfect sound absorbing solution in spaces like hospitals and doctors offices where patient confidentiality is a top priority. With an NRC rating of .95, Audimute panels soak up 95% of echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies before they are able to hit hard surfaces or travel between rooms.

Audimute AcoustiColor™ flexible design acoustics are completely customizable to the size, shape, and color coating to best match and treat your space. Available in fun kids wall art shapes, geometric modular wall tile shapes, and standard tiles, these acoustic privacy panels are tileable giving you the ability to build up your design to reach your desired sound result. Use these tiles for large applications then add AcoustiColor™ letter tiles or custom SoniSign™ branding to add even more personalization to your space and décor! All Audimute panels are equipped with adhesive strip backings for easy installation, or alternative hardware upon customer order.

H2: Safe and Sound with Audimute

Our Room in a Room acoustic privacy panels are the greenest soundproofing product on today’s market perfect for residential soundproofing. The interior of all Audimute panels is made from our signature eco-C-tex™ blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This material is the safest alternative to competitor fiberglass filling. Our panels are also Class A fire rated for commercial spaces where safety is as important as aesthetics.

Room in a Room Acoustic Privacy Panels offer:

  • .95 NRC rating for mid to high range frequency absorption
  • Class A fire rated – ASTM E-84
  • Custom sized and coated
  • Eco-Friendly – signature eco-C-tex™ recycled materials
  • Adhesive strip backings for easy installation

Room in a Room acoustic privacy panels are the fastest way to add a little more peace and quiet to spaces that need it the most. Install them on any wall from conference rooms at the office to nurseries at home, libraries and study halls to research and testing centers. You’ll be amazed what a little privacy can do to your space! Order yours today by calling our Acoustic Specialist at (866) 553-4600.