Acoustic Panel Art by Audimute | Fully Customizable


What does NFPA 701 Fire Rated Mean?

The NFPA 701 test, regulated by the National Fire Protection Association, measures the flammability of fabrics.  The covering and absorptive material used for Audimute’s acoustic panel art have both passed the NFPA 701 test, proving fire-resistant and suitable for applications requiring the use of officially fire rated materials.

Does your application require fire rated acoustic panel art?

The answer is probably, if your acoustic panel art is going to be installed in a commercial or other public building.  Your local building codes will tell you more about the specific regulations you need to meet. Acoustical panels intended for use in residential applications are usually not required to have a fire-rating, but using fire-resistant materials is always a responsible choice for safety reasons.

Besides Class A Fire Rating, Audimute Acoustic Image Panels also boast:

  • Ultimate Personalization: Choose from a selection of pre-approved images for Standard Image Acoustic Panels; or, use your own logo, design, or image to customize your Acoustic Panel Art
  • Excellent sound absorptionNRC rating of 1.0 (perfectly absorptive)
  • professional look: high-quality, durable fabric wrapped around lightweight metal frame
  • Easy installation: our panel clip makes it as easy as hanging a picture
  • An environmentally conscious product: all panels use our exclusive acoustic absorption material Eco-C-Tex, a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers