Acoustic Image Panels: Logo Panels, Artwork, Photography - Custom or from our Galleries

Acoustic image panels for home, office, commercial spaces, and institutional settings give you incredible control over the acoustics and design of your space. Our customers use acoustic image panels to create wonderfully personalized offices, waiting rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, auditoriums, studios, recording booths, home theaters, foyers, living spaces and more. Using any high resolution digitial photograph, logo, or graphic, we allow you to hide acoustic treamtments within your design. Some of the greatest designs we've seen incorporate a combination of standard fabric panels with one or more image panels as accent pieces, providing a great overall value.

Designer Quality Wall Art Meets Acoustic Functionality - Audimute's Acoustic Image Panels

We will take the image you select or provide and reproduce it on a fire-rated acoustic fabric designed specifically to allow your acoustic image panels to come to life visually while maintaining an air permeable surface needed for sound energy to pass through the image and be absorbed by our eco-friendly sound absorption material, eco-C-tex. Eco-C-tex is a high performance (1.0 NRC) sound absorbing material made from recycled cotton and cellulose - no foam and no fiberglass. We encourage you to take advantage of our expert acoustic specialists, who offer free, no-strings attached advice on the best way to treat your particular space. Start with a free room analysis, where our specialists will review the information you supply and call you back by the next business day with recommendations...or just give us a call!