Cone of Silence™: Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Treatments

When wall space is limited but sound is unbearable, acoustic ceiling panels are the solution! Unlike traditional wall panels, our acoustic ceiling treatments are suspended from above. This increased surface area exposure ensures complete noise absorption for ideal room acoustics. For restaurants to offices, open floor plan homes to school auditoriums, acoustic ceiling panels are the fast way to create sound experiences everywhere!

When it comes to sound issues, our Acoustic Specialists typically advise treating wall space first. When substantial space is not available or current wall panel installations haven’t produced your desired result, introducing Audimute acoustic ceiling panels would be the next step. Ceiling installations are a more intrusive and permanent treatment, but with NRC ratings between .95 and 1.0 they’ve been found to absorb 100% of echo, reverberation, and mid to high range frequencies in properly treated spaces.

Just like our wall panels, we offer decorative ceiling solutions in multiple custom color and fabric lines. Noise baffles hang vertically for full scale applications in large, high-traffic spaces where it’s important to reduce sound traveling throughout the space. Each baffle comes with two precut hanging holes and hardware for quick installation.

Our Cone of Silence™ acoustic ceiling treatment is perfect for individualized acoustic spot treatment where ambient noise can be reduced around the suspended ceiling cone while sounds from the area will be reduced from across the room.

Acoustical clouds are great in spaces where a full coverage ceiling treatment is not necessary. Hung horizontally to cover the most space with the least amount of panels, acoustical clouds absorb sound waves as they are heading toward the ceiling and any that bounce back from it. Clouds are suspended from the ceiling with four moveable eye hooks connected to the aluminum track on the back of each panel.

All Audimute acoustic ceiling panels are made from our signature eco-C-tex™ blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. This eco-friendly material is the greenest sound absorption product on today’s market, and the safest alternative to our competitor’s fiberglass fillers. All of our products are also Class A fire rated to meet commercial safety standards. 

Audimute's Cone of Silence Acoustic Ceiling Treatment & Acoustic Ceiling Panels offer:

  • Maximum sound absorption, with 1.0 NRC rating
  • Environmentally friendly design handcrafted in the USA
  • Safe, fiberglass free interior
  • Simple installation with pre-installed hardware
  • Class A fire rating for commercial spaces
  • Custom color or fabric coatings

Order your acoustic ceiling panels today and treat your sound problem in no time! We’re always here to help with personalized advice – speak with an Acoustic Specialist at (886) 553-4600, or fill out our free room analysis form and hear from us within one business day.