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Acoustic Art Panels – Acoustic Wall Panel

Browse through Audimute’s image galleries to find the inspiration for your acoustic art panels! With over 700 images (and growing!) in 11 themes from nature and landscapes to travel and art, music and theater to animals and sports, Audimute’s galleries have the perfect image for all of your acoustic art panels. If you can’t find precisely the image of your dreams, don’t worry! Audimute can create custom acoustic art panels with the image of your choice.

Acoustic art panels are a great way to incorporate sound treatment into wall décor. An acoustic wall panel seamlessly blends into any décor while secretly absorbing excess noise for a calmer room atmosphere. Design your acoustic art panels featuring your company logo for a unique, functional branding opportunity, or choose welcoming imagery for your home. Acoustic wall panels are great for setting the mood visually and audibly, like cinema-inspired image panels in a home theater or studio space. You can even add acoustic art panels with motivational art for a more focused and productive gym or dance studio. The possibilities are endless – and endlessly beautiful – with Audimute’s acoustic art panels.


For the ultimate in designer acoustics, Audimute offers a full array of acoustic panel design services to ensure that your acoustic art panels are exactly as you envision. From a simple crop or resize to finding the perfect picture, Audimute’s Graphic Design team is here to work with you to create the perfect finished acoustic wall panel. Of course, with Audimute there’s never a compromise between the “acoustic” and the “art.” Acoustic art panels offer world-class sound absorption to go with their great looks. See even more options with our design acoustics.


Improve the acoustics in your space with Audimute Acoustic Art Panels today!

Audimute Acoustic Art Panels are:

Green - Made with our signature eco-C-tex™ absorption material, a blend of cotton and cellulose. Our eco-C-tex™ manufacturing process uses 1/10 of the energy required for traditional fiberglass insulation, and 1/40 of the energy than foam insulation.

Effective - Highly effective 1.0 NRC rating. Audimute acoustic wall panels outperform the competition. Compare Us!

Safe - Meet your acoustic needs with a safe alternative to fiberglass. Audimute Panels do not contain fiberglass, a material that can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs. Audimute Acoustic Panels do not require a warning label like fiberglass products.

Handcrafted - High quality design and workmanship assembled by hand in the USA.


Audimute Acoustic Art Panels have made a positive impact in studios, home theaters, and hundreds of other rooms and applications. Go ahead—see (and hear) for yourself the difference our acoustic art panels can make! With Audimute’s new image gallery, a world of designer acoustics is just a click away.

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